North Star Security Group

Our Team consists of high skilled Professionals from a number of specialist backgrounds, drawn from all corners of the world, who have developed a close working partnership based upon mutual respect, shared experiences and proven capabilities.

Our Mission

We are committed to develop trusted relationships with our clients that become our long term partners. We achieve this by listening to their needs, understanding their values and goals and meeting their requirements with tailored, efficient and thoroughly reliable solutions. Our core values maintain the tenets of honesty, integrity and transparency that we match with the highest levels of tangible capability and delivery of our security expertise.

Our Experience

We have gathered together, under one roof, experts with considerable experience in the delivery of risk management services, commercial intelligence and crisis response to global organizations, often in challenging circumstances. If you'd like to know more about us, hear what we are doing to support other organizations and find out how we can support yours, don't hesitate to contact us!

North Star Security Group, your ideal partner where the risk of crime, political instability and unrest might deter travel or restrict business!


Our Experience

Case Studies