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Global IT Company

Category: COVID-19 Pandemic Support Services
Client: Global IT Company
Date: April 2020
Location: Egypt
A leading international IT company requested NSSG to support four of their expatriate employees, who were required to remain in Egypt to work on an important project due to specific contractual requirements. Considering the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the employees were working remotely from their residences in New Cairo and thus the office was left vacant. Among the employees there was one with minor pre-existing medical condition, who needed, as precautionary measure, specific medicines delivered from the United States.
To decrease their risk of exposure to the virus, North Star Support Group developed an operational plan in cooperation with the client’s security managers. The plan included a comprehensive logistic support with door-to-door delivery of all the goods required to support the personnel. Additionally, a special delivery was arranged from the United States to procure the required medicines.To secure the office facilities left vacant by the employees, NSSG deployed a 24/7 static team also acting as Quick Response for any unforeseen emergency at the employees residences. In the meantime, a dedicated medical evacuation plan was drafted, with provisions for both in country and oversea medical support. The plan included pre-arrangements for a short notice air medical evacuation.

Multinational professional services company

Category: Journey Management
Client: Multinational professional services company
Date: August 2018
Location: Qatar-Saudi Arabia-Kuwait
A primary business consulting firm asked North Star Security Group to provide comprehensive journey management support to two executives travelling to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for a four day trip involving high profile business meetings.
North Star Security Group developed an operational plan utilising the deployment of three different teams mainly composed of local nationals and coordinated by a senior expat Project Manager. Each team deployed two luxury SUVs with security-oriented drivers, a Team Leader with medical responder qualifications and one Close Protection Operative (CPO). Prior to the arrival of the clients, extensive advance assessments were carried out on all of the itineraries of interest, enabling a tailored contingency plan - including medical support. The task resulted in a success despite its complexity from the logistic point of view, due to an ever-changing and fluid itinerary that involved a reactive agenda hopping between multiple country locations.

International news media organization

Category: Dynamic close protection support
Client: International news media organization
Date: July 2018
Location: Managua, Nicaragua
A global news media organization requested a discrete close protection service whilst their High Threat News Team were filming unfolding events in Managua.
When the situation started to deteriorate and the call for help went out, North Star deployed a Senior Security Advisor and a security trained driver in a low key saloon to provide discreet close protection support to the News Crew. The Security Advisor additionally provided on ground consultancy, local intelligence, a safe house and advice on locations where their presence would expose them to considerable risk. North Star team enabled the News Crew to capture an amazing but nevertheless risky story without compromising their safety.

International NGO

Category: Crisis Response
Client: International NGO
Date: January 2018
Location: Afghanistan
On the morning of January the 24th, 2018, a group of gunmen stormed the Save the Children offices in Jalalabad. An international NGO residing in close proximity requested support in evacuating two employees hunkered down in their residence.
Within minutes of the Islamic State terror attack, the North Star Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) received the assistance request from a client requiring the evacuation from Jalalabad to Kabul. North Star provided a preliminary intelligence assessment of the developing event and a tactical evacuation plan. Within few hours, North Star had a team from Kabul mobilized to extract the employees in Jalalabad moving them to a safe house prior to final extraction via commercial airlines.

Global IT company

Category: Event Security Management
Client: Global IT company
Date: July 2018
Location: Cairo, Egypt
A global IT company requested support for a corporate event planned in Cairo. The requirement was for the provision of security and crisis management support during the event, with additional close protection support for a senior executive attending.
After a comprehensive threat and risk assessment, North Star's security specialists developed an event security plan, outlining recommendations for event procedures and appropriate security manpower in order to guarantee the safety of the event attendees. Additionally, North Star ensured the senior executive received dedicated support via one of our senior Close Protection Officers and security drivers. The busy event went by without incident and was a success for the company.

Extractive company

Category: Expedition Support
Client: Extractive company
Date: April 2018
Location: Ethiopia
A global extractive company requested support for a group of employees tasked to perform 30 days of comprehensive mining surveys across Ethiopia. The North Star Team was advised that the projects would include moving engineers between multiple sites in remote areas.
North Star assigned two Senior Consultants, underpinned by the support of a local security team, who assisted the clients during their mining surveys. The project required significant reconnaissance, comprehensive planning and saw the Team managing considerable security and logistic support activities. During the project, North Star, with its medical assistance partners, successfully performed an unforeseen but planned for, medical evacuation of a client from a remote site to a neighbouring country. One of the client's employees had suffered minor injuries from a fall and heart exhaustion during the survey activities. Following the medical evacuation, the engineer made a full recovery. Activities were not affected and the mining surveys were completed by implementing resilience plans formulated in the planning stage.