July 28, 2020

Rising Geopolitical Tensions and the CoVid-19 Crisis Raise Concerns Over CPEC’s Future

International arena is significantly affected by the CoVid-19 pandemic and as last months show a global economic slowdown, CPEC's future is raising concerns.
February 28, 2019

Despite military and territorial losses, Daesh remains a global terror threat

We should not think that the fight against Daesh (Islamic State, IS) is over. • Daehs in Iraq and Syria likely to morph into insurgent movement capable of sustaining disruptive activities. • States with relatively weak governance and rule of law are the most vulnerable to establishment of large Daesh regional hubs.
February 28, 2019

Mexico: cartel-driven insecurity still dominates after general elections

Mexico hold general elections on 1 July with candidates promising a tougher stance on crime. • Homicides during Nieto tenure grew and show no signs of diminishing after 2018 elections. • Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador became the 58th Mexico's President in July 2018 and vowed to be tougher on crime, although lacked details on proposed solutions.
February 9, 2019

Iran: Government facing heightened unrest

Iran is facing social unrest since 2018 when the economical situation deterred due to international sanctions the country faced. • Trump administration compounded the situation when it withdraw from JCPOA to pursue the denuclearization agenda on it's on. •China took lead of negotiations after the US withdrawal.
February 6, 2019

Kosovo: Vulnerable to extremism and terrorism rising

Kosovo has the highest density of Daesh members in Europe. • Islamist militancy and extremism is likely going to become a greater security challenge in 2018 and beyond. • Kosovo’s political, economic and social challenges are creating conditions for radicalisation of marginalised Muslims.