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NSG website www.nsgconsult.com content is under legal protection of intellectual property rights and supporting related rights. Content provided to our general public is NSG property and has the proof of intellectual property either if regarding articles, texts, graphic design and identity, visual and image content or audio-video content. NSG property content is protected by related laws and NSG can prove their property usage or licence acquired prior to public display. Thus, it is forbidden to copy, modify, reproduce in any form our content and content materials, without a written agreement from NSG team. General public can access NSG site to inform, both in personal and business wise, about our security methods and services and can make use of our informing content by explicitly mention the source. If there are any materials part of NSG website content that you want to use business wise, please sent a request at dataprotection@nsgconsult.com and we will provide you with an answer based on your request and our internal privacy procedures.


NSG website www.northstarsecuritygroup.com content is to be used based on own responsibility. NSG cannot guarantee for using the website content in taking decisions. Moreover, although we take all the preventive measures regarding cybersecurity, NSG cannot guarantee for the complete eradication of online viruses and malware threats. NSG cannot be made culpable of any eventual damage or prejudices caused by using and visiting our website. This applies both to direct or indirect prejudices. NSG is not responsible for any connection links to external sources present on our website and neither for their content. For further information, please contact us at the dedicated address, dataprotection@nsgconsult.com.


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When the Terms and Conditions herein refer to "NSSG", "we" or "ours", they refer to North Star Security Group SRL, located in Str. Nicolae Grigorescu no. 2, Building W1, Entrance C, floor 9, room 126, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania, registered with the Trade Register under no. J40 / 14475/2017 and having the Unique Identification Code RO 38106808.

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2. Claims NSG reserves the right to be compensated or discharged, together with its employees and agents, of any liability or legal fee, damage, loss, cost and any other expenses in connection with claims or actions brought against NSSG arising from any violation of to you of the Terms and Conditions or other responsibilities arising out of the use of this website.

3. Placement of an order The order of a service that NSSG can honour will be made via the email address servicedesk@nsgconsult.com or by phone at the customer service number +40 217 957 601. You will receive a personalized quotation that you must sign and resend to us in case of accepting quotation. The modalities, the terms and the tariffs, the costs of delivering the services as well as the inclusion or not of these costs in the displayed price will be mentioned in the personalized quotation of each client.

4. Guarantee We offer the guarantee that in the extreme case the situation in which the services described in an agreed quotation can no longer be implemented because of us, the amount agreed by quotation has to be fully refunded to the client. Also, we offer the guarantee that in case of cancellation of implementation by the client of a quotation already agreed, the percentage mentioned in the personalized quotation according to the deadline firmly set by the quotation will be refunded to the client according to the terms and conditions of the personalized quotation.

5. The amount and applicability of VAT The amount and applicability of the VAT will be according to the client's country of origin and will be mentioned in the custom quotation.

6. Order cancellation policy Cancellation of an order, after signing the quotation, is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the custom quotation.

7. Applicable laws and disputes The present Terms and Conditions are governed by and formulated in accordance with the Romanian law, whose courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions, and you agree that the place of implementation of these Terms and Conditions is Romania.

8. The complete agreement The Terms and Conditions together with other documents expressly referred to in the Terms and Conditions include the entire agreement between you and NSG in connection with the use of the Website and supersede any previous, written or oral agreements, arrangements, commitments or proposals. Any oral explanation or oral information given by either party may not alter the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you have not relied on any representation other than those set forth in these Terms and Conditions and you agree that you will not have any legal remedy for any misrepresentation that has not been expressly expressed in these Terms and Conditions.

9. Updates of the Terms and Conditions It may be necessary to review these Terms and Conditions in the future. If we change the Terms and Conditions, we will publish the revised Terms and Conditions on the website and report the updated version by modifying the "Last Updated" date at the top of the Terms and Conditions. After the date the updated Terms and Conditions come into effect, accessing our website will represent your acceptance of the respective updated Terms and Conditions.